The positive aspects of correct negative reinforcement

In the scheme of contemporary animal training, horse training is virtually unique because it relies on negative reinforcement (NR) rather than positive reinforcement (PR). Furthermore, horse trainers are largely unaware that they are using NR in training. Instead, they believe in the benevolent nature of the horse and see their task in training as one […]

Investigations Into Equine Transport-Related Problem Behaviors: Survey Results

Transport-related problem behaviors (TRPBs) in horses are an animal welfare concern, and many training methods in loading/travelling have been recommended to reduce their incidence. This study aimed to investigate the incidence of TRPB and training methods in Australia and to identify risks for and consequences of TRPB. An online survey was conducted, and respondents reported […]

The role of the ethogram in equitation science

The development of a comprehensive ethogram that could be used to record the behaviour of the ridden horse in a range of different scenarios would provide a valuable resource for researchers within equitation science. However, the relevance of the behaviours included in such an ethogram and guidelines on how these behaviours should be interpreted need […]