Documenting Aggression, Dominance and the Impacts of Visitor Interaction on Galápagos Tortoises (Chelonoidis nigra) in a Zoo Setting

Ensuring high levels of welfare is imperative for modern zoos, but such organisations must also engage visitors in order to successfully spread awareness and raise conservation funds. It is therefore important to understand the responses of animals to visitor interaction to optimise welfare. Often, the opportunity to interact with humans may be enriching for animals, […]

The Social Rank of Zoo-Housed Japanese Macaques is a Predictor of Visitor-Directed Aggression

The effect that visitors have on the behavior and welfare of animals is a widely-studied topic in zoo animal welfare. Typically, these studies focus on how the presence or activity levels of visitors affect animals. However, for many species, and particularly Primates, social factors, such as social rank, can also have a large impact on […]

Assessing dominance hierarchies: validation and advantages of progressive evaluation with Elo-rating


Aiming low: A resident male’s rank predicts takeover success by challenging males in Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys