Review of oleoresin capsicum (pepper) sprays for self-defense against captive wildlife

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1037.abs Pepper (oleoresin capsicum) sprays appear to be a “less-than-lethal” option for repelling attacks by captive wildlife. These products may also deter wildlife from approaching, before an attack occurs. Such products should only be used when human life or severe injury is at stake. These products work by causing irritation of the ocular and […]

Enigmatic ornamentation eases male reliance on courtship performance for mating success

Female preferences are frequently invoked to explain the widespread occurrence of elaborate male ornaments, yet empirical data demonstrating such preferences are sometimes equivocal or even contradictory. In the wolf spider Schizocosa stridulans, despite evidence of strong female choice, prior research has been unable to link the conspicuous sexually dimorphic foreleg ornamentation of males to their […]

Behavioral effects of an immunocontraceptive vaccine on eastern fox squirrels

Managing pest species in urban and suburban areas is challenging, and contraception may provide a socially acceptable and effective management option for many species. The immunocontraceptive vaccine, GonaCon, effectively inhibits reproduction in many species of wildlife, but the behavioral effects are not yet well understood. Contraceptive-induced changes in behavior could raise animal welfare concerns and […]