Post-natal development of EEG responses to noxious stimulation in pigs (Sus scrofa) aged 1–15 days

This study examined electroencephalographic (EEG) indices of acute nociception in pigs (Sus scrofa) aged 1, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 days, post-natal. Ten pigs per age were anaesthetised with halothane in oxygen and maintained at a light plane of anaesthesia. EEG was recorded bilaterally using a five-electrode montage. Following a 10-min baseline period, tails […]

Assessing sleep state in calves through electrophysiological and behavioural recordings: A preliminary study

Adequate sleep is important for the health and well being of animals but we lack non-invasive methods to record sleep states from group-housed, freely-moving farm animals. We used electrophysiological data (electroencephalography; EEG, electromyography; EMG, and electro-oculography; EOG) to characterize sleep states in calves and examined how well observations of resting behaviour were correlated with the […]

Assessment of unconsciousness during slaughter without stunning in lambs

The aim of this study was to assess brain activity in lambs during slaughter without stunning and its correlation with heart rate (HR) and the absence of physiological reflexes. The index of consciousness (IoC-view®) assesses consciousness by an algorithm that analyses the EEG and gives an index from 0 (unconscious) to 100 (conscious). Eight lambs […]

Pain perception at slaughter

Recent developments related to quantitative analysis of the electroencephalogram (EEG) have allowed the experience of pain to be assessed more directly than has hitherto been possible. Variables derived from the EEG of animals anaesthetised using our minimal anaesthesia model respond to noxious stimulation in a manner similar to those from conscious animals. This methodology has […]

Agreement between different sleep states and behaviour indicators in dairy cows

Conclusive data regarding behavioural indicators of different sleep states in adult dairy cows are lacking, i.e. agreement between behavioural indicators of sleep and corresponding electrophysiological measures. Behavioural estimates for quantifying total sleep time in calves have been developed, so this study examined whether these behavioural estimates also apply for adult cows. Behaviour observations and electrophysiological […]