Protective and territorial behavior in captive siamangs (Hylobates syndactylus)

Abstract 10.1002/(SICI)1098-2361(1997)16:43.3.CO;2-1 Protective and territorial behavior was observed in 14 heterosexual pairs of adult siamangs in 11 zoos for a total of 1,155 h. The study shows that the quality of protective and territorial behavioral patterns was similar in the wild and in captivity. Under zoo conditions, the behavioral response (except calling) to conspecific and […]

Vocal duetting by a mated pair of coral-billed ground-cuckoos (Carpococcyx renauldi) at the Metro Toronto Zoo

Abstract 10.1002/(SICI)1098-2361(1997)16:23.3.CO;2-S During a behavioral study, I recorded vocal duetting by a mated pair of Coral-billed Ground-cuckoos (Carpococcyx renauldi) at the Metro Toronto Zoo. The birds produced three different call types that were combined into four distinct simultaneous and antiphonal duetted sequences. Duetting bouts (n = 12) were always initiated by the male and lasted […]

An experimental study of duet integration in the happy wren, Pheugopedius felix

Pairs of duetting birds can sing coordinated duets with such precision that they are often mistaken for a single individual, yet little is known about how this impressive temporal synchronization is achieved. We experimentally examined duet coordination in male happy wrens, held briefly in captivity, by playing song phrases from their partner at different distances […]