Intermittent stress in pigs: Effects on behavior, pituitary — Adrenocortical axis, growth, and gastric ulceration

Ninety-six pigs, half females and half castrated males from 12 litters, were housed in 24 groups of four litter mates. From an age of 115 days half of the groups were subjected to chronic stress for 33 days consisting of a schedule of unpredictable, inescapable electroshocks, and half served as controls. Behavior and performance were […]

Measuring Fecal Glucocorticoid Metabolites in Mammals and Birds: The Importance of Validation

In recent years, the noninvasive monitoring of steroid hormone metabolites in feces of mammals and droppings of birds has become an increasingly popular technique. It offers several advantages and has been applied to a variety of species under various settings. However, using this technique to reliably assess an animal’s adrenocortical activity is not that simple […]