Effects of Logging on Orangutan Behavior

The human footprint is increasing across the world’s natural habitats, causing large negative impacts on the survival of many species. In order to successfully mitigate the negative effects on species’ survival, it is crucial to understand their responses to human-induced changes. This paper examines the effect of one such disturbance, logging, on Sumatran orangutans – […]

Commercially available avian and mammalian whole prey diet items targeted for consumption by managed exotic and domestic pet felines: Macronutrient, mineral, and long-chain fatty acid composition

Whole prey diets encourage species-typical behaviors making them popular in the zoo and home setting for captive exotic and domestic felids, respectively. We evaluated macronutrient, mineral, and long-chain fatty acid composition of 20 whole prey items: mice (1–2, 10–13, 21–25, 30–40, and 150–180 days of age); rats (1–4, 10–13, 21–25, 33–42, and >60 days of […]