Behavioural–analytical studies of the role of head movements in depth perception in insects, birds and mammals

In this review, studies of the role of head movements in generating motion parallax which is used in depth perception are examined. The methods used and definitiveness of the results vary with the animal groups studied. In the case of insects, studies which quantify motor outputs have provided clear evidence that motion parallax evoked by […]

Responses of dairy heifers to the visual cliff formed by a herringbone milking pit: Evidence of fear of heights in cows (Bos taurus)

The ability of cows (Bos taurus) to perceive depth has never been experimentally investigated. If cows can perceive depth, the milking pit in commercial milking facilities may be fear provoking for dairy cows, as past research has shown that most land-dwelling species possess an instinctive fear of heights. In the current study, 12 dairy heifers […]