Defensive tactics in lizards and snakes: the potential contribution of the Neotropical fauna

The cardiovascular and behavioral response to cat odor in rats: unconditioned and conditioned effects

Cardiovascular and behavioral responses were recorded in rats during exposure to cat odor. Rats were habituated to an open rectangular arena that contained a small enclosed wooden box in which they could hide. On day 1 of the experiment, after 30 min in the apparatus, rats were presented with a piece of fabric collar for […]

Rubbings deposited by cats elicit defensive behavior in rats

Laboratory rats display pronounced defensive behaviors when confronted with a range of cat-derived stimuli, including collars worn by a cat, cloths rubbed on a cat, and cat fur. One possible explanation of this phenomenon (the “kairomone hypothesis”) is that rats derive a survival advantage by eavesdropping on signals used by cats to communicate with each […]