Asian Elephants Are Not Self-sustaining in North America

Demographic analysis of the captive Asian elephants in North America indicates that the population is not self-sustaining. First year mortality is nearly 30%, but perhaps more important, the fecundity is extremely low (Mx = 0.01–0.02) throughout the prime reproductive years. Without continued importation or a drastic increase in birth rates, the Asian elephant population in […]

State of the North American African elephant population and projections for the future

Abstract 10.1002/1098-2361(2000)19:53.3.CO;2-F The African elephant has historically received less attention in the captive community than the Asian elephant. One manifestation of this lack of attention is that only 25 African elephant calves had been born in captivity in North America as of 1 January 1999. With the recent attention to both elephant species, it is […]