Effect of housing and environmental enrichment on adrenocortical activity, behavior and reproductive cyclicity in the female tigrina (Leopardus tigrinus) and margay (Leopardus wiedii)

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.20139.abs The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of different captive housing conditions on reproductive cyclicity and adrenocortical activity in adult females of two small-sized felid species, the tigrina (Leopardus tigrinus; n = 3) and margay (Leopardus wiedii; n = 2). Females were housed as singletons and subjected to three enclosure […]

Behavioral and physiologic responses to environmental enrichment in the maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus)

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.20138.abs The ex situ population of maned wolves is not self-sustaining due to poor reproduction, caused primarily by parental incompetence. Studies have shown that environmental enrichment can promote natural parental behaviors in zoo animals. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of environmental enrichment on behavioral and physiological responses of maned […]

Enclosure choice and well-being in giant pandas: is it all about control?

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.20064.abs Behavioral and hormonal data were compared for four giant pandas in two management conditions: (1) panda confined to exhibit area and (2) panda given choice to move freely between exhibit and off-exhibit bedroom areas. Pandas displayed fewer signs of behavioral agitation and lower urinary cortisol in the free choice condition. Time active did […]

Monitoring stress in captive giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca): behavioral and hormonal responses to ambient noise

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.10124.abs Anthropogenic noise may impact captive breeding programs for endangered species. We recorded ambient noise and monitored potential behavioral and hormonal indices of stress in two captive giant pandas for 4 years. Statistical analyses were conducted for each individual separately, which allowed us to generalize only to these two animals. These preliminary findings indicate […]

Comparative analysis of gonadal and adrenal activity in the black and white rhinoceros in North America by noninvasive endocrine monitoring

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.10028.abs Patterns of fecal reproductive steroid metabolites and adrenal corticoids were characterized for 12- to 24-month periods in black (n = 10 male, 16 female) and white (n = 6 male, 13 female) rhinoceroses at 14 institutions. All black rhinoceros females exhibited at least some ovarian cyclicity on the basis of fecal progestogen analysis […]

Characterization of reproductive cycles and adrenal activity in the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) by fecal hormone analysis

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.10001.abs The reproductive cycle of the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) was characterized by enzyme immunoassay (EIA) analysis of ovarian fecal steroids (estradiol, progestins) in 29 females over two consecutive breeding seasons. Estrous status was determined by measuring the vulva size and examining the percentage of superficial cells in vaginal lavages. Mean fecal estradiol concentrations […]