Discrimination of conspecifics by juvenile domestic pigs, Sus scrofa

Social recognition is important for the formation and maintenance of dominance hierarchies that are based on conspecific assessment. Pigs are assumed to recognize individuals because they react aggressively towards unfamiliar conspecifics, but we know little about the extent of their discriminatory abilities or the influential variables. We investigated the ability of 6-week-old female pigs to […]

The reduction of stereotypic pacing in tigers (Panthera tigris) by obstructing the view of neighbouring individuals

Until recently, little attention has been focused on the influence of social interactions and the presence of conspecifics on stereotypic pacing in captive carnivores. This study examined the effect of adding a visual barrier between two tiger (Panthera tigris) exhibits on stereotypic pacing behaviour. Continuous sampling was used to record the duration of time tigers […]