Laboratory birds: refinements in husbandry and procedures


Mirror reactions in a zoo colony of Cebus monkeys

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430080111.abs The extensive research investigating the reactions of a number of species of nonhuman primates to their mirror images has revealed that monkeys have never been observed to react with self-directed behaviors, as have some species of higher apes. The intermittent exposure of captive Cebus monkeys to a mirror over a 5-week period produced […]

The effect of conspecific removal on behavioral and physiological responses of dairy cattle

Adverse social and welfare implications of mixing dairy cows or separating calves from their mothers have been documented previously. Here we investigated the behavioral and physiological responses of individuals remaining after conspecifics were removed. We conducted a series of 4 experiments incorporating a range of types of different dairy cattle groupings [experiment 1 (E1), 126 […]