Sustainability Index (S-Index): A tool for use in the evaluation and planning of institutional animal collections

Maintaining sustainable living collections is at the core of every zoo’s and aquarium’s mission. In spite of increasing awareness of sustainability challenges, few practical applications to support collection sustainability have been developed. In addition, much of the onus to address issues regarding collection sustainability has fallen to regional zoo associations, rather than on individual collection […]

Is there any more room on the Ark? An analysis of space allocation in four mammalian taxa

Zoos select species for exhibition to meet goals of recreation, education, research, and conservation. However, many zoo populations are not sustainable and institutional collection plans (ICPs) come under criticism for their lack of conservation importance. We explore the species selection process with two main questions. First, are zoos doing all they can with their available […]

Propagation of endangered birds in US institutions: How much space is there?

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430140302.abs Captive breeding is often touted as a way to preserve species disappearing in the wild. Zoos and related institutions have limited space for animals, however, and use of what space exists may be restricted by conflicting demands of entertainment, education, and propagation. Curators of US bird collections sponsored an analysis of space available […]

Estimated number of snake species that can be managed by Species Survival Plans in North America

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430120302.abs A survey designed to estimate the number of snake enclosures available for Species Survival Plan (SSP) programs was distributed to all North American zoos containing 100 or more reptile and amphibian specimens. Of the 52 zoos surveyed, 44 (84.6%) responded, indicating that 790 (26.3%) of the 3,012 snake enclosures were available for SSP […]

Zoo and aquarium animal management and conservation: Current trends and future challenges

The turn of the century appears to be a good time to examine the role of zoos and aquariums, both in the past and present, and to predict what role these organizations will play in animal management and conservation in the future. In this review three main trends are considered: (1) the loss of wildlife […]