Variation of the phase of the 24-h activity period in different large herbivore species under European and African conditions

The variation of daily rhythms were analysed in relation to environmental factors. Activity phases were determined for Przewalski horses (Equus ferus przewalskii), feral domestic horses (Equus caballus), and mouflon (Ovis orientalis musimon) in Europe under semi-natural conditions by storage telemetry (ETHOSYS 1 ) and compared to samples from plain zebra (Equus burchelli) and blesbok (Damaliscus […]

Seasonal mortality in zoo ruminants

While seasonality has often been investigated with respect to reproduction, seasonality of mortality has received less attention. We investigated whether a seasonal signal of mortality exists in wild ruminants kept in zoos, using data from 60,591 individuals of 88 species. We quantified the mortality in the 3 consecutive months with the highest above-baseline mortality (3 MM). […]

Which Wild Aardvarks Are Most Suitable for Outdoor Enclosures in Zoological Gardens in the European Union?

ABSTRACTThe aardvark is popular in many zoological gardens in the European Union. These creatures are nocturnal, and aardvarks in the wild are known to walk distances of 4 km to 7 km per night. Despite what is known about their biology, most aardvarks are kept in zoological gardens in indoor enclosures with little space for movement. […]