Quantifying hungry broiler breeder dietary preferences using a closed economy T-maze task

This study aimed to identify hungry broiler breeders (n = 12) preferences for quantitative (control) or qualitative dietary restriction (QDR) in a closed economy environment. The QDR option was either 3 g calcium propionate/kg total feed (n = 6) or 300 g oat hulls/kg total feed (n = 6). Quantitatively restricted or QDR portions ensured equal growth regardless of choice. Birds were separately […]

Using preference, motivation and aversion tests to ask scientific questions about animals’ feelings

The past 30 years has seen an increased willingness for scientists to assess the subjective experiences of animals. There are good reasons to believe that domesticated animals are sentient beings, capable of having feelings. The study of feelings is central to the assessment of animal welfare. Feelings are not directly observable, but have measurable correlates […]