Breathing frequency in ruminants: a comparative analysis with non-ruminant mammals

In cattle, sheep and goats, during resting conditions, breathing frequency (f) greatly exceeds the value expected for their body weight (W, kg) from the allometric curve of other land mammals. It was postulated that this was the effect of the production of CO2 during rumen fermentation. If this were the case, a high f should […]

Gastro-Intestinal transit time in South American deer

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.20080.abs The study of diet and physiological peculiarities of the digestive system of neotropical deer is not well known and the literature shows inconsistencies. To better understand the digestive system of these mammals the difference in the gastro-intestinal transit time of four species of neotropical deer (Mazama americana, Mazama gouazoubira, Mazama nana, Blastocerus dichotomus), […]

The effect of food quality and relative abundance on food choice in fallow deer

The diet choice of large herbivores is influenced by the presence of nutrients and toxins in available plants. It is generally assumed that herbivores ingest food that contains higher amounts of nutrients and lower amounts of toxins than the average of the food available. We studied the effects of quality and relative abundance on food […]