Survey of stereotypic behavior in prosimians

Captive animals have been observed to perform a variety of stereotypic behaviors. However, little is known about stereotypic behavior in prosimians. We sent surveys to 96 AZA-accredited institutions to examine stereotypic behavior in these primates. Forty-eight surveys were returned, providing information on 440 individuals of 10 genera. According to the responses, 13.2% of the prosimians […]

Stress and stress reduction in common marmosets

Surprisingly few studies have measured cortisol levels in captive primates using samples collected during everyday life to gauge which activities and circumstances might induce or reduce stress. Much of what is behaviourally identifiable as stress may not to be reflected in physiological stress, or vice versa, leading to the often-erroneous conclusion that the primates are […]

A novel approach to studying enclosure and support usage in siamangs: using a 3D computer model

The objectives of this study were: (1) to evaluate the accuracy of a computer-aided design (CAD) approach in recording the full 3D geometry of a zoo primate enclosure, (2) to quantify support availability and preference, and map behavioural data within the 3D enclosure model to visualise/identify/investigate spatial enclosure usage trends. 3D models of a siamang […]