COSEWIC status report on the Great Plains toad Bufo cognatus in Canada in COSEWIC assessment and status report on the great plains toad Bufo cognatus in Canada

Executive Summary: The Great Plains toad, Bufo cognatus, is a widely-distributed species in western North America. In Canada, it is restricted to south-eastern Alberta, southern Saskatchewan, and extreme south-western Manitoba where it is associated with mixed-grass prairie. Bufo cognatus is a grassland anuran adapted to survive and breed under xeric conditions. Fossorial habits and relatively […]

Implementation and comparison of home range estimators for grizzly bears in Alberta, Canada, based on GPS data


Grizzly Bear Food Habits in the Northern Yukon, Canada

We documented seasonal food habits of grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) in the Firth River Valley, Ivvavik National Park (INP), northern Yukon, Canada, 1993-1995 using: (1) analysis of 176 scats, (2) 222 hours of direct observation, and (3) 99 feeding site investigations. In spring, the primary grizzly bear food plants were alpine hedysarum (Hedysarum alpinum) roots […]

Attitudes of Canadian beef producers toward animal welfare

Commercial beef production in western Canada involves raising cows and calves on large tracts of grassland, plus grain-based ‘finishing’ of animals in outdoor feedlots. This study used open-ended, semi-structured interviews to explore views on animal welfare of 23 commercial beef producers in this system. Although wary of the term ‘animal welfare’, participants understood the concept […]

Attitudes of Canadian citizens toward farm animal welfare: A qualitative study

As part of a larger project to determine if there are animal-welfare-related values shared by some commercial food–animal producers and non-producers in Canada, open-ended, semi-structured interviews were conducted to elicit opinions about animal welfare among 24 urban and rural residents not involved in commercial animal production. All participants possessed a self-described interest in food animal […]

National aspirations, governance networks and the development of Canada’s animal welfare movement

This article discusses the establishment of governance networks related to animal welfare and rights. Situating the animal welfare movement relative to processes of nation-building in British North America and Canada during the nineteenth century, it shows how the movement’s proponents struggled and failed repeatedly to translate the considerable interest that was expressed locally in cities […]