State-dependent decisions in long-term fasting king penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus, during courtship and incubation

Using an automatic identification and weighing system, we investigated changes in adult body mass in relation to reproductive behaviour during courtship and incubation in free-living king penguins. Despite stressful nutritional conditions and variability of fast length, the majority of pairs incubated successfully by accumulating large body reserves before fasting, which provided flexibility in fasting strategies. […]

Natural foraging and breeding behaviours of the little blue penguin Eudyptula minor including recommendations for a captive population

This paper aims to detail the breeding biology and foraging behaviours of Eyduptula minor, in Australia and New Zealand, with a more indepth coverage of the sub-species E. minor albosignata. The information highlighted will be used to construct some guidelines that may be considered when housing and breeding the Blue Penguin in a captive situation.