Usage of high-performance mattresses for transport of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.20190.abs Ground transport can be a stressful operation for dolphins if the long period of restraint causes damage to internal organs, especially to the lung, generated by their own weight. Buoyancy is deprived from dolphins under moist transport, in which dolphins are transported on mattresses. Upgrading mattresses is an effective way to modify the […]

Handling Stress Does Not Reflect Personality in Female Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata)

Although increasing attention is given to both the causes and consequences of variation in animal personality, the measurement of personality in captive or free-ranging individuals remains an issue. In particular, one important question concerns whether personality should be established from the existence of complex behavioral syndromes (a suite of correlated behavioral traits) or could be […]

Testing for the presence of coping styles in a wild mammal

Coping styles represent alternative response patterns in reaction to a stressor. The coping style model provides a set of predictions about correlations between behavioural and neurophysiological reactions to a stressful situation. According to this model, high levels of activity should be correlated with high levels of aggressiveness at the behavioural level, and to high sympathetic […]

Phenotypic plasticity in response to breeding density in tree swallows: An adaptive maternal effect?

Territorial animals breeding in high-density environments are more likely to engage in aggressive competition with conspecifics for resources necessary for reproduction. In many avian species, increased competition among breeding females results in increased testosterone concentrations in egg yolks. Generally, elevated yolk testosterone increases nestling growth, competitive behaviors, and bold behavioral traits. However, few studies provide […]