Introduction to the special issue on elephant biology


Applying biology to endangered species management.

A review of Red Panda Biology, edited by A.R. Glatson. The Hague, The Netherlands: SPB Academic Publishing, 1989, 187 pp., $34.00, paper

The captive husbandry and reproduction of the pink-eared turtle (Emydura victoriae) at Perth Zoo

Abstract In 1997, Perth Zoo acquired six pink-eared turtles (Emydura victoriae) from the wild for display in the reptile facility. There is very little documented information on pink-eared turtles in captivity. This article looks at the reproductive biology, ecology, behavior, diet, and captive husbandry of the species. Eight clutches of eggs were documented over a […]

The effects of ultraviolet radiation on the biology of amphibians

Potential causes for the global decline of amphibians include habitat loss, disease, environmental contaminants and climate changes. The diminishing ozone layer and consequent increase of ultraviolet-B radiation reaching the earth’s surface has been hypothesized to be a mortality factor, especially in habitats otherwise undisturbed. We discuss the fundamental physics of UV and types of biological […]

Cumulative stress in research animals: Telomere attrition as a biomarker in a welfare context?

Progress in improving animal welfare is currently limited by the lack of objective methods for assessing lifetime experience. I propose that telomere attrition, a cellular biomarker of biological age, provides a molecular measure of cumulative experience that could be used to assess the welfare impact of husbandry regimes and/or experimental procedures on non-human animals. I […]

Some Animals Are More Equal than Others: Wild Animal Welfare in the Media

The media can reflect social opinion and influence debate and policy. Wild vertebrate welfare issues are regularly reported in the media, but there has been no study of the type and frequency of their coverage. We compiled a list of potential wild vertebrate welfare issues in the United Kingdom, recording how often each issue was […]