The Influence of Materialism on Purebred Dogs’ Welfare Among Two Different Generations in Colombia (South America)

Some consumers in Colombia show a clear preference for purebred dogs. At the same time, there are many abandoned dogs on the streets and in shelters in this country. Previous research has revealed that appearances of the breeds influence the caregivers? (owners?) choice. A choice based on appearances has been connected with materialism in the […]

An investigation using different data gathering methods into the prevalence of behavioral problems in shelter dogs—A pilot study

Behavioral problems in shelter dogs, especially stereotypies, may be an indication of poor management practices within the shelters. To facilitate the inclusion of behavioral problems in an official standardized protocol for shelter assessment, it is necessary to identify a method to gather prevalence data. The method must be both valid and feasible in terms of […]

Housing conditions and behavioural problems of indoor cats as assessed by their owners

Housing conditions and behavioural problems of a sample of 1177 cats were described by their 550 owners. Indications for inadequate housing in the light of species-specific needs were analysed. A total of 65.1% of the cats were Domestic European Shorthairs and 78.7% were castrated animals. A total of 87% of the responding cat owners were […]

The epidemiology of behavioural problems in dogs and cats: a survey of veterinary practitioners

Behavioural problems directly affect the welfare of dogs and cats. The existence of a behavioural problem is a factor in the euthanasia and relinquishment of animals to shelters — a significant proportion of companion animals that are abandoned and euthanased are attributed to behavioural problems. Some behavioural problems are linked to stress and anxiety. In […]

Owner and cat features influence the quality of life of the cat

This study analysed the cathuman relationship paying attention to the quality of life (QoL) of 62 cats. QoL was assessed as being low, medium and high, using: (1) four questionnaires which investigated care, cat behaviour, cat and owner features, (2) a simple physical examination of the cat and (3) the Lexington attachment to pets scale […]

Investigations Into Equine Transport-Related Problem Behaviors: Survey Results

Transport-related problem behaviors (TRPBs) in horses are an animal welfare concern, and many training methods in loading/travelling have been recommended to reduce their incidence. This study aimed to investigate the incidence of TRPB and training methods in Australia and to identify risks for and consequences of TRPB. An online survey was conducted, and respondents reported […]