Interpreting short-term behavioural responses to disturbance within a longitudinal perspective

We documented immediate, behavioural responses of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops sp.) to experimental vessel approaches in regions of high and low vessel traffic in Shark Bay, Western Australia. Experimental vessel approaches elicited significant changes in the behaviour of targeted dolphins when compared with their behaviour before and after approaches. During approaches, focal dolphin groups became […]

Noise annoys: effects of noise on breeding great tits depend on personality but not on noise characteristics

Anthropogenic noise can have serious implications for animals, especially when they communicate acoustically. Yet, the impacts of noise may depend not only on noise characteristics but also on an individual’s coping style or personality. We tested whether noise is more disturbing if it masks communication signals, and whether characteristics of both the noise and the […]

Human disturbance affects personality development in a wild carnivore

Human activity can dramatically affect personality traits in birds and small mammals. However, we know very little about how anthropogenic disturbance shapes personality in mammalian carnivores, and whether the personality traits that may be affected have fitness consequences in human-dominated landscapes. We adapted standard experiments commonly used to assess personality in captive animals to compare […]