Understanding animal welfare : the science in its cultural context

Ethical regulation and animal science: why animal behaviour is special

Like other areas of animal science, the study of animal behaviour is becoming increasingly subject to ethical regulation and legislation. Sensible and well-informed regulation is to be welcomed both on compassionate grounds and because misuse of animals is likely to compromise the science itself. However, it is evident that much of the impetus and direction […]

Ethical regulation and animal science: why animal behaviour is not so special

Refinement, replacement and reduction of animals in research has become a guiding principle for legislation governing animal research, and for the implementation of that legislation. However, one of these [`]3Rs’, replacement, would seem incompatible with the science of animal behaviour, where the animal is not a model for the human condition, but the object of […]

Scientific perspectives on animal welfare


Laboratory animal husbandry: ethology, welfare, and experimental variables

The unheeded cry: animal consciousness, animal pain, and science


Animal welfare

A Comparison of Three Models for Ethical Evaluation of Proposed Animal Experiments

Three recently developed and published schemes to evaluate the acceptability of proposed animal experiments are discussed and compared: 1. The model developed at the request of the Dutch Veterinary Public Health Chief Inspectorate by the Department of Animal Problems of Leiden University (the ‘Dutch Model’); 2. The model proposed by the Canadian, David G Porter […]

The Wild Animal as a Research Animal

Most discussions on animal experimentation refer to domesticated animals and regulations are tailored to this class of animals. However, wild animals are also used for research, e.g., in biological field research that is often directed to fundamental ecological-evolutionary questions or to conservation goals. There are several differences between domesticated and wild animals that are relevant […]

Animal research ethics, legislation and practice and their application to scientific whaling

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