Olfactorysensitivity to the pheromone, androstenone, is sexuallydimorphic in the pig

Sexuallydimorphicpheromone pathways have been used successfully to study insect olfactory coding. As one of the few mammalian species with an identified sex pheromone, the domestic pig (Sus scrofa) may be an ideal vertebrate species in which to examine sex differences in olfactory processing of a specific stimulus. In this experiment, androstenone and control odor detection […]

Group composition for fattening entire male pigs under enriched housing conditions—Influences on behaviour, injuries and boar taint compounds

In organic farming, the production of pork from entire male pigs seems to be the most promising alternative to castration, as organic animal husbandry aims at high standards of animal welfare and elimination of mutilations. However, previous research on behaviour of entire male pigs was mostly carried out under barren housing conditions and is thus […]