The Emergence and Behavioral Stability of Social Status in Green Anole Lizard (Anolis carolinensis) Dyads

Male green anole lizards engage in behavioral displays and stress-hormone mediated color changes during territorial aggression. We examined 12 male dyads during two weeks of cohabitation to document the aggressive behavior of dominant and subordinate animals and to examine the emergence and behavioral stability of dominant/subordinate social status. Two hour observations conducted on alternating days […]

Effects of whole-year nest boxes on cortisol, circulatingleucocytes, exploration and agonisticbehaviour in silverfoxes

An experiment was carried out for a period of 2 years, using 50 silver fox vixens kept in cages with nest boxes, and 50 vixens kept in barren wire cages without any sort of equipment. At the end of the experiment, the animals living with access to nest boxes had lower base levels of cortisol […]

Aggressive interactions are associated with reductions in RFamide-related peptide, but not kisspeptin, neuronal activation in mice

Aggressive interactions lead to changes in both future behavior and circulating testosterone (T) concentrations in animals across taxa. The specific neural circuitry and neurochemical systems by which these encounters alter neuroendocrine functioning are not well understood. Neurons expressing the inhibitory and stimulatory neuropeptides, RFamide-related peptide (RFRP) and kisspeptin, respectively, project to neural loci regulating aggression […]