Quantifying walking and standing behaviour of dairy cows using a moving average based on output from an accelerometer

Manual observations either directly or by analysis of video recordings of dairy cow behaviour in loose housing systems are costly. Therefore progress could be made if reliable estimates of duration of walking and standing could be based on automatic recordings. In this study we developed algorithms for the detection of walking and standing in dairy […]

Daily grazing time of dairy cows is recorded accurately using the Lifecorder Plus device

Accurate estimation of daily grazing time and nycthemeral grazing pattern in ruminant nutrition research may result in a better understanding of sward–animal interactions and of the behavioural constraints affecting daily intake at pasture. Portable devices which automatically record grazing activities are needed. The Kenz Lifecorder Plus device (LCP, Suzuken Co. Ltd., Nagoya, Japan), originally developed […]

Development of physical activity levels in laying hens in three-dimensional aviaries

Levels of physical activity are known to be associated with a number of health and welfare parameters in laying hens, such as stronger bones. Despite this, we presently lack insight into the development of physical activity throughout the life of the laying hen. To close this knowledge gap, we measured physical activity levels of four […]

Cortisol treatment affects locomotor activity and swimming behaviour of male smallmouth bass engaged in paternal care: A field study using acceleration biologgers

Paternal care, where the male provides sole care for the developing brood, is a common form of reproductive investment among teleost fish and ubiquitous in the Centrarchidae family. Throughout the parental care period, nesting males expend energy in a variety of swimming behaviours, including routine and burst swimming, vigilantly monitoring the nest area and protecting […]